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This means that sysadmins have to remember to update the serial number every time they make a change to a zone file -- otherwise, their changes won't be picked up and published.

Slave servers can provide zone updates to other slaves.

One method to accomplish your goal, might be to enable dynamic updates for all your zones, with acls limiting access from the local machine only.

Then simply add add, and then remove a temporary record in each zone with nsupdate. is the tool of choice for ignoring serial numbers and just doing it.

This post is helpful for configuring emacs to automatically update the “Serial” in bind zone databases.

I wanted to do the same in Vim, but the solutions in the comments of that post didn’t work for me. It’s yours for free under the Affero GPL v3 (or any later version, at your preference): function s: Bind Zone Settings() function s: Update Bind Zone Serial(date, num) if (strftime("%Y%m%d") == a:date) return a:date . '01' endfunction function s: Replace Bind Zone Serial Line() :%s/\(2[0-9]\)\([0-9]\)\(\s*;\s*Serial\)/\=Update Bind Zone Serial(submatch(1), submatch(2)) .

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