C propertygrid not updating

You might want to change how some properties are displayed, and even choose to not display some properties. Many visual aspects of the Property Grid are customizable.

The following screen shot shows how it should look. App Settings class selected in the Property Grid You can modify some visual aspects of the Property Grid to fit your needs.

This code shows how to add Read Only Attribute at runtime.

[C#] Note: In the previous code we actually do not remove the Read Only attribute.

If you are compiling your code from the command line, use the /reference option and specify System. Regular) Private _toolbar Color As Color = System Colors.

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This example demonstrates how to implement a read only property grid.

The default Property Grid control provided by Win Forms doesn't support a read-only functionality.

Using my own Type Converter (derived from Expandable Object Converter) the Property Grid offers me the possibility to expand "C"s and shows all of the integers as children. When the values change the child-nodes are not updated.

Nevertheless the value displayed at the "C"-node (a string containing all integers) gets updated.

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