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It was plainly evident to Edward Heath's government that a well- organised terrorist unit could hit Britain.After "Bloody Sunday", internment and 450 deaths in Northern Ireland that year, it was possible that the IRA might strike on the mainland.Researchers investigating a newly recovered ‘treasure map’ created decades ago by a NASA astronaut have discovered an ancient anchor thought to have been left behind by Christopher Columbus.Archaeologists have confirmed that the anchor, found in the Caribbean, is of Spanish origin and can be traced back to the Columbus era, from 1492 to the early 1500s.Some of his most acclaimed performances came in cult films - Sir Christopher starred in The Wicker Man, about a remote community living on a Scottish island, and Jinnah, a biopic about the founder of Pakistan.

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In case you forgot, rapper Lil' Twist was sentenced to a year in prison for robbing and assaulting Kyle's brother Christopher.Andy Massey's clearly defined plans to counteract terrorism had finally come to fruition.The attack, ruthlessly executed, had however also raised the profile of the SAS.And I don't plan on 'dissing' him or anything like that unless I have to.IN 1972 the Commanding Officer of 22 SAS, Lieut-Col Peter de la Billiere, asked one of his troop commanders, Captain Andrew Massey, to make a study of the regiment's role in counter-terrorism.

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