Dating a much shorter man

But if they have 'short man syndrome', then it wouldn't matter how much I liked them - I just couldn't deal with the ego." ( "When I was dating, height was an instant filter - even though it is a terrible thing to admit.

I know there are lovely guys out there shorter than me but I'm not attracted to them. I feel like I would feel more like a mother, or older.

As much as I'd like to be OK with it, I feel extremely conscious of the height difference.

Just once in my life it would be nice to be the 'petite' one." "I kissed a man who was shorter than me once. I also felt like I was kissing my little brother." "It depends on how much I like the person.

Of course the ability to search for people who meet our criteria is part of the appeal of online dating.

contestant and hair salon manager Cheryl certainly would.

Should you, for example, rule someone out based on something as elementary as their height?

Fun fact #1: I once dated a girl who was taller than me. Fun fact #2: I got rejected by girls who were taller than me because they couldn’t accept the fact that I was shorter than her. He and I went out about three times and all the while, I kept thinking ‘I can see over his head. That’s easy when you are not intimate with any of them.

It’s a long story, we dated for a couple of months and things simply didn’t work out. She’s out there, and she will be willing to accept the fact that you’re shorter. But more importantly, if he’s okay with looking up to me and he’s a confident person I have been willing to get to know him better. The reason why I only date short guys is because they are a little more grounded (no pun intended) but I feel like most want to make up for their height in some way so they push themselves work wise and not so much on being a man whore. When I did date a taller guy 6’4″ it just feels like your another girl…

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