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Made by Lee, and is a three piece set, complete with the shell holder.

4305 MI, March 1949 "No Waterproofing at Mouth" Sealed box. This is relatively late with the plain black and white label without the green and yellow identification stripes, a format adopted circa late 1943 or early 1944.

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Posted: , Author: Cubuq Kraft overwrap is sated 1974.

A good round that didn't catch on so Winchester quickly "tossed their gun-owners in the river" and a lot of nice guns are going "un-fed" or abandoned.

These are the first I've had in stock although I've had a lot of calls for it. This caliber is getting very hard to find in spite of the huge number of revolvers chambered for it over the years.

Military issue shotshells issued for use for training of aerial gunners and/or competition.

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