Dubaigirl who is ricky wilson dating

Here is a documentary about a 23-year-old marketing executive.

She is the only muslim woman in middle east with a Formula 1 driving license.

Born to a South Korean father and a Filipina mother, Breanna now lives in Dubai.

Her tryst with fame started when her mother posted her pictures on Facebook and strangers requested her to start a Breanna fan page and she obliged a year ago.

Breanna along with her 7-year-old brother were living in a two-bed apartment in Busan, South Korea, where her father ran a sea-food export business, when they received an offer to fly to Dubai and they haven't returned hence.

Breanna Youn lives a jet-set lifestyle and is spoilt for choice with her ever-increasing fans showering her with branded gifts such as Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel and Tiffany jewellery to designer outfits, banquets and hampers laden with chocolates and cookies.

She moves around in chauffeur-driven limos and globe-trots in business class, reports Daily Mail.

A shampoo & Intense Hydrating treatment/blow-dry style concludes the experience.

Now that’s a seriously intense way for a girl to drench herself with pampering treatments!

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