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Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | Annex A | Annex B | Annex C | Annex D Information is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act if, in the reasonable opinion of a qualified person, disclosure of the information under this Act We have produced a list of the qualified persons for public authorities.

Companies which are owned by a public authority are listed separately.

Therefore, I wish to take you on a special tour of my hometown.

Get ready for an unusual travel guide to Paris, solely dedicated to vintage watches.

This program demonstrates how to use fixed point numbers, which are signed 32-bit integers storing the integer part in the upper 16 bits and the decimal part in the 16 lower bits.

This example also uses the unusual approach of communicating with the user exclusively via the allegro_message() function. The first part of the test retrieves the raw mouse input data and displays it on the screen without using any mouse cursor.

Normally this is the top left corner of the larger virtual screen, so you can ignore the extra invisible virtual size of the bitmap if you aren't interested in hardware scrolling or page flipping.To move the visible window to other parts of the screen bitmap, call scroll_screen().Initially the clipping rectangle will be limited to the physical screen size, so if you want to draw onto a larger virtual screen space outside this rectangle, you will need to adjust the clipping.If this list is not accessible for your needs, for example, screen reader software, please email us Any person providing primary medical services or primary dental services - (a) in accordance with arrangements made under section 28C of the National Health Service Act 1977; or (b) under a contract under section 28K or 28Q of that Act Any person providing primary medical services, general dental services, general ophthalmic services or pharmaceutical services under Part VI of the Health and Personal Social Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1972 The governing body of - (a) a maintained school, as defined by section 20(7) of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998; or (b) a maintained nursery school, as defined by section 22(9) of that Act.Any person who by virtue of any enactment has the function of nominating individuals who may be appointed as special constables by justices of the peace, and is not a public authority by virtue of any other provision of this Act, Any person authorised by the Ombudsman under article 7 (3) of the Ombudsman (NI) Order 1996, in respect of the Assembly Ombudsman, and any person authorised by the Commissioner under article 6 (3) of the Commissioner for Complaints (NI) Order 1996 in respect of the NI Commissioner for Complaints.

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