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Friends and families living far away now have an easy, affordable way to communicate.

Businesses have used it to increase the possibilities of remote work and collaboration between offices.

You’re probably already familiar with Skype; the free service for calls and chat has become ubiquitous in recent years.

It’s revolutionized how people around the world communicate with each other.

But once you hit more than seven participants, the display re-arranges things to highlight the person speaking by default, with all the other participants lined up at the bottom of the screen.

You can then swipe through that lineup and find an individual caller and "pin" them to the screen so you always see what they see rather than let Skype pick your view.

If you own a Vizio Internet Apps TV, purchase a Vizio Internet Apps TV Video Camera directly from Vizio or your local electronics retailer.

You need an active Skype account to use video chat on your TV.

Check to see if your Vizio HDTV is supported by visiting the Vizio TV Chat website (link in Resources).To use a webcam with a Vizio high-definition television, you need a Vizio Internet Apps HDTV and a Vizio Internet Apps TV Video Camera.If you don't own an Internet-connected Vizio HDTV, purchase an all-in-one TV cam such as the tely HD or Logitech TV Cam HD.Group video calling on our smartphones isn't a new idea, but Skype -- arguably the most well-known name in video calls -- hasn't supported it, until now.Today, Microsoft announced that group video calling will start rolling out in the Skype i OS and Android apps.

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