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If you are the tattoo artist, give me links to your portfolios and/or Instagram accounts so I can share them with our readers.U–Pb geochronological studies of igneous rocks of the Crimean Mountains were carried out for the first time.Earlier this year it was announced that would be released in the US on the 22 June, meaning UK audiences will have already had over a fortnight with Chris Pratt.Both Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have been confirmed to be returning to the franchise, as will Steven Spielberg who will be serving as executive producer while director Colin Trevorrow will be writing the script.

Ian Malcolm and a raptor sitting down to share a pizza together. She wanted to get the art as a tattoo and finally tackled the permanent addition this year.

High-precision U–Pb dating of magma intrusions allowed us to verify the age of Middle Jurassic magmatism and to distinguish the new Early Cretaceous Berriasian–Valanginian magmatism stage of basic composition.

I’m picturing you on your New Zealand vineyard, a glass of your own pinot noir in hand, a dog at your feet, watching the TV... The set is way down the other end of the house and I can’t be bothered to go down there. Do you always watch highbrow dramas, or are there some guilty pleasures in there as well? On a wet afternoon, stuck in a hotel, I can normally find a Come Dine with Me. Another thing that’s jaw-droppingly terrible is a Dutch thing called Adam Looking for Eve.

When DNA engineers go a step too far to create a dangerous dinosaur that could wipe out the island (no thanks to greedy corporate sponsorship), Chris Pratt’s dinosaur handler character Owen saves the day.

Pratt has previously hinted that he would return for a sequel, saying he had been asked to sign on for another movie.“They have me I think for 38 movies or something,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

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