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We decided to start this story about Neeson where he was born. He was as surprised as anyone that it became a hit. It’s a physically demanding role, one few actors his age can pull off. Well aware there are only so many years left to make the big money of an action star. Anderson Cooper: So you're a working class guy from, you know, from Northern Ireland. Liam Neeson: No, it's kind of-- it's-- that's fantasy time, you know? And you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to see what was happening.

In Ballymena, a simple town, just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. Liam Neeson: I was convinced it was straight to video so it would go under the radar. Anderson Cooper: Reports are for “Taken 3,” you're gonna make upwards of million.

I tell him the version I saw was just over two and a half hours. "For Martin, I guess that's quite short."Silence is a passion project of Scor­sese's, one he's been trying to make for more than 25 years.

It's based on a 1966 novel by Shusaku Endo about Jesuit missionaries — Neeson plays one named Ferreira — in 1640s Japan, where Christians are being systematically persecuted by the Buddhist dictatorship.

I remember that you made me draw that picture of my house, and I remember that we talked about Natasha. It's the face that's still allowing him to stack up movies years ahead of time, with roles and reprises, stretching well into the coming decade. I tapped the drawing, put my finger right in his father's garden. "And it's a thing I'm into just now."Neeson orders more pinot noir. Then afterwards, it's funny, because afterwards — this is weeks afterwards — Natasha and I, we'd get into an argument. And obviously the time is over in some way, it's behind you, but the chronology of events — but everything I remembered happening was very large. I said, Darlin', if they told you I wasn't going to last the night, why'd you not get a priest in? "I'm glad, though, that ..." The sentence goes unfinished.

I could not hear him, but he looked happier than he had when we'd left each other. He agreed to it once before, a year and a half ago, more, canceling at the last moment. In these moments his eyes look empty and sad, but I'd be a damned liar if I didn't say that I at least considered the fact that the guy is an actor, that I'd been watching these eyes for thirty years now — sad eyes — and that I recognized that no one gives that kicked-in-the-head-by-fate look better than Liam Neeson. All I can see at the moment is that it really is going on. He is a man in deep need of a timely terminal exhale to punctuate this story, to separate himself from the next thing he says, now thrice repeated. The recent past scares him, which is why, right up to the moment he starts to tell the following story, he's a little hazy, a smidge reluctant to detail his memories. I should have just slammed on the brakes, put the thing up on its stand, and quit. I took off my jacket, and I sat there listening to this deer making this awful sound. This man on a truck, full of muck, stopped and called the authorities. He blinks back tears, takes a long look at the table across from us, where members of Natasha Richardson's extended family are, coincidentally, having lunch in this same restaurant. That's when I tell him something horrible that happened to me. "I just think I was still in a bit of shock," he says. He shakes his head at the thought of this one thing, this single hideous bead on the necklace of his life.

The film has been through multiple writers and actors, but Scorsese stuck with it, and it's finally hitting theaters this month.

Neeson understands the value of playing the long game.

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Anderson Cooper: That had a presence but that women would fall for. But I think he certainly wanted someone without any cinematic baggage. We had just this wonderful kind of dance, free dance on stage every night, you know? She was coming down a beginners slope on Mont Tremblant, when she fell and hit her head. An ambulance was called but she reportedly turned down medical attention and was escorted to her hotel room by her ski instructor and a member of the ski patrol.

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"Thanks, love."Neeson folds himself into the leather booth as comfortably as is possible for a 6-foot-4 Irishman with shoulders like an armoire.

He's feeling a little out of sorts today: He has just finished shooting two movies back-to-back — one in Atlanta, the other in London — and he is in New York for the first time in five and a half months. "But I'm feeling a bit like a three-legged stool." (Which, technically, would be the most stable stool, but you get his drift.) He brings up one of the movies he's here to promote — Silence, a historical epic directed by Martin Scorsese — and asks me how long it's currently running.

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