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Some embodiments provide the tool comprising an environment that defines fashion in the categories of expressions, love, arts, habits, styles, dress codes, models, and professions, because fashion is not limited to clothing choices Embodiments further provide the tool configured to associate fashion with celebrity media, fashion media, model media, dress code media via FSM and fashion SNE.

Kansas City V.‘g,is Los Angeles Memphis Miami Beach Minneapolis Ni-w O/New York Oklahnm.i City Omaha Phoenix Pltlihurgh i’ Clinton used the study as an opportunity to urge Congress to approve S25 million for what are -being-culled— second-chunce— iiomes,” where teen parents can live and get job counseling and learn parenting skills.

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What plans have they announced for the new Amiga International, and how is this aquisition likely to affect us all?

GLOBAL AM v rjr T S3®| Access all of the PC drives.

Si S Load files Erectly from the PC, EF3 Up to 45k sec for Amiga PC.

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