Setting the bar too high dating

Number One: Corey & Topanga, “Boy Meets World.” You had to know this one would make the list.

She was the annoyingly smart teachers pet who always sat in front of him in school.

You are giving her the standards by which she will operate.

You are giving her knowledge of what to expect or what NOT to expect.

She is watching, absorbing, gleaning and learning all the time. She sees you act and she notices your body language.

Your daughter is in your personal classroom and the main subject that is being taught is how a man should treat a woman.

I immediately loved this little “e-card” the first time I saw it.

Your daughter’s first, best and greatest example of how a man should treat a woman is her Daddy!

Question: Do you want your daughter to be treated right by a boy?

Then show her what it looks like to treat a woman right.

During my post-divorce years, I felt it was necessary for me to embark on this deep soul-searching.

Was it really possible for a couple to stay married, or was it just some old-fashioned, unrealistic, Pollyanna notion I needed to come to terms with? It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in monogamy, because I wholeheartedly did.

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