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They can also be found in certain immigrant communities in Western Europe.

It is widely believed that this imbalance is due to selective abortions of female foetuses.

Many women are subjected to trafficking after accepting offers of employment in waitressing, bartending, dancing, or singing in neighboring countries, specifically in Kosovo, Greece, and Macedonia.

Victims of labor trafficking from the Philippines were identified in Albania during the year.

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Sixty-four per cent were female and 36 per cent were male, while 26 per cent were aged under 18.

Albania is a source country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.

Albanian victims are subjected to sex trafficking within Albania and in Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Kosovo, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

However, the policy failed to address the societal practices that undermine women's well-being and render them vulnerable to exploitation, including the nation's lack of professional and economic opportunities, its high rates of domestic violence and widespread corruption in the legal and law enforcement systems, the study indicated.

Gender discrimination remains a commonly accepted practice in the workplace.

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